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One in ten people are indirigible, uncoachable or impossible to train, maybe it is not their time. Between two and four of every 10 people are dificult o complicated. And two to four are good. Generally,  one in ten is an excellent apprentice” (Suryavan Solar, Self-Leadership Manual)

Generally, the Seeking processes of Self Leadership starts with feeling tired of an aspect of your life that you have lived until now. Maybe you haven’t gotten the desired results or in the best of cases, you have already reached them and the flame of wanting more is lite… extraordinary desires that are greater than an average life.

Nonetheless, although every person has an incredible potential to start this path, not all are ready, for that it is necessary to identify and accomplish the4 steps that characterizes the authentic. This with the objective of successfully reaching to the highest level of Self-Leadership, preventing following into an unbalance on a short, medium or long term.

  • Step One – discomfort: represents an indefinite restlessness, that springs from the unconscious.
  • Step Two – Noticing: you define with claritywhat you want, and specially, what you no longer want in your life.
  • Step Three – Burning Desire: is the first sign of consciousness that lights the fire to initiate the passionate Seek of a new life (take advantage of this moment to nourish yourself with good books, workshops and find a trainer or coach).
  • Step Four – The Seek: an honest search and not by imitation. Motivated by a transformation of a mediocre or average life into a valuable, new and thrilling one… Even if right now you don’t know what you need.

Additional Data: when the seek is correct, it ends at a certain point, and you must life fully the experience that will permit you reach that which you were looking for, if not, you will become an addict always seeking for something because maybe deep inside you donde really want to find it.

And you… Are you the leader whom they seek or are youa Leader that seeks? – Decide Today

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