About Cóndor Blanco

We are an Organization dedicated to the integral development of all beings, recognized for the formation of vanguard leaders around the world. We use a unique method of training based on seminars of Leadership and Coaching, and books from our own editorial… Read more


E-books and Conferences

Handbook for Leaders

This Book is destined to those who want to learn the essence of leadership and the correct steps of this path. It teaches how to form Teams that Triumph, with clear principles and productive results.

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This Book teaches the 8 steps to conquer Self-Leadership, the basis of Leadership. Before Leading others, running companies, governing nations, learn to be the Leader of yourself and of your own Life.

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The 4 Challenges of the Path of Cóndor Blanco

In this Conference Suryavan Solar talks about the 4 challenges we must overcome to learn and serve the World and Humanity.

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The Path of the Warrior

Discover, in this Conference, which are the symbols of the Warrior and how to go forward in this Path to conquer autonomy and the leadership of your life.

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