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The Quickest way to Reach your Dream

Is a method of personal and/or business projection that looks to guide you towards a Concrete Plan, Setting Goals and Objectives that will drive you to the realization of your Life Dream in a Precise Time-Frame.

Coaching Express Cóndor Blanco is Fact, Effective and Integral, and bases its ejecution on the development of your Talents and Skills, Asking Power Question, Strategic Planning, Motivation and Constant Feedbacks, which guide you to surpass the Adversities, allowing you to have Surprising Results in all areas of your life: Health, Prosperity, Happiness, Culture and Freedom.

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Module 1

Basic Formation in Coaching Express

Module 2

The 8 Specialties of 8 Coaching Express

Module 3

Coaching for Teams

Module 4

Master Coach

  • Other Services
    • Leader-Coach: workshops directed towards executives and leaders that want to build teams that are powerful, successful and happy.
    • Personal and Team Coaching Sessions in diverse specialties: Life Coaching, Professional, Executive and Corporate, of Talents, Quantum, Creative, Somatic, Natural, Marketing, Event Production, Projects, Coaching for Youth, Coaching for Women.

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