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Every human being has an array of talents that differ in kind, intensity, combinations, and situations in which they better express them.
Our talents are our greatest treasures, an innate potential that we all have,but rarely take advantage of or use.
When we discover and learn to use our combined talents in a correct way, place and with the right, the results are fantastic.
After 20 years of investigation and experimentation we created a vanguard method to give that support:



  • Books (The Age of Talents by Mauro Press Maksuri, editor Qualitymark; various books by Suryavan Solar)
  • Online Talent Mapping
  • Conferences
  • Open Seminars
  • Consultations
  • Coaching
  • In-company Training
  • Formation of Talent Consultants y Coaches


  • Happiness, Motivation, Pleasure, Energization
  • Productivity, Excellence, Innovation
  • Prosperity, Magnetism
  • Self-esteem y Personal Empowerment
  • The best possible contribution to the planet

Our OBJECTIVE is to support you to fully embrace and utilize your talents and those of your family, friends, office team amigos, and all those who surround you.

DIRECTED TO: professionals, students, companies, schools, universities.



Through a Talent development program in a 4 module Workshop:

Module 1

Self-Management of Personal Talents and Career

Module 2

Synergy of Team Talents

Module 3

Talents and its Social-environmental Impact

Module 4

Ancestral Talents, Outdoor Program



  • Online Talent Mapping
  • Weekly Follow-up Meetings
  • Post-workshop Interview
  • Notebook
  • Coffee breaks
  • Diploma
  • Option to be trained to become a talent consultant and/or coach.

For more information, contact: maksuri@maksuri.com

Esta entrada también está disponible en: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)

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