Cóndor Blanco


What is Cóndor Blanco?

We are an Organization dedicated to the integral development of all beings, recognized for the formation of avant-garde leaders around the world. We use a unique method of training based on seminars of Leadership and Coaching, and books from our own editorial.

Cóndor Blanco was founded by the writer Suryavan Solar and Sol Nyma over three decades ago. Currently, we offer a training structure through six principle Schools, each with four modules: Leadership, Coaching Express, Free Mind, Kin Forest, Kai Woman and Bodhisattva. Additionally, these formations are expanded with 16 Academies, amongst them some standouts include: Consultants, Producers, Instructors and Marketing.

Mega Eventos Cóndor Blanco

What does Cóndor Blanco offer?

Annually we produce several Mega Events around the world, which bring together the main workshops from all the schools and academies. These events include: Sea Star in Brazil y the most important of all: Mountain Events in the Summer, Fall and Spring at our forest reserve in Chile.

We also count with our own music production company and book editorial, with more than 50 publications. Every year, we release new titles and editions, with the vision of going at the vanguard in the constant actualization within the organization.


At Cóndor Blanco we focus on an accelerated system of learning with the objective of propelling people to face today’s modern challenges, in balance with the four principle areas of life: Prosperity, Happiness, Culture and Freedom; taking into account the different aspects: personal, professional, family and social-environmental.


Our main headquater is in the south of Chile, within a forest reserve of three-hundred  hectares, located in the Pucón area, between Curarrehue and Puesco. Currently, we have representatives in the following countries: Chile, Brazil, United States, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Panama¡, Costa Rica, Mexico, Germany, Spain and France.

Esta entrada también está disponible en: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)

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