Forest Reserve

Reserva Cóndor Blanco
At Cóndor Blanco we respect nature and all the beings that live in it

Our Reserve

Cóndor Blanco is an eco-tourist complex of 300 hectares, located in the foothills of the Andes. Here we protect the fauna, flora and the ecosystems of the habitad, including threatened species such as: the Andean Condor, the Peregrine Falcon, the Red-headed Woodpecker and the Chilean Blue Eagle. Additionally, there are wildcats, pumas (mountain lions), foxes, and other animals native to the area. As for the forests, the predominant trees in the reserve are the roble beech (nothofagus obliqua), the raulí­ beech (nothofagus alpina) and the coigüe (nothofagus dombeyi). The forest has been recovering in the past two decades after being gravely affected by man previously.

FSC Certification

Since 2007 Cóndor Blanco counts with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, obtained through a group certification given to various landowners in the area. Together with these landowners, the Mawidakom group was formed, whose objective is to guarantee the fulfillment of the international standards of forest protection, promoting the environmentally responsible management of the fores that is economically viable and sociably beneficial.



The hydrography at the reserve is characterized by the presence of a tributary of the Alto Trancura river, whose main source of water comes from snow-melts, and in smaller quantities, from rainstorms. Here you can find approximately 40 waterfalls, that can be spotted from the lodging area and they can be visited in short excursions organized by our trained staff.

Environment Protection

Conscious of the impact that we produce in our waste, at the reserve we make an adequate management of it. We have adopted measures in all the processes that take place (food production, workshops, excursions, etc.) that produce the least impact possible on the environment.

Vision and Consciousness

At Cóndor Blanco we respect nature and all the beings that inhabit in it. We encourage our visitors to make an appropriate use of the available resources and diminish their energetic consumption. We only permit the use of biodegradable products and detergents and the use of rechargeable batteries in all electronic devices. This way, we help the reserve maintain an ecosystem sustainable through time.




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