Suryavan Solar

Suryavan Solar is the Founder of Cóndor Blanco. Leader, Coach, Meditation Instructor, Researcher of Ancestral Cultures and Author of more than 50 titles.

From an early age, Suryavan commenced his training along side his Andean mentor: Cóndor Blanco, in his honor the organization received its name.

During his youth, in his search for a different knowledge, from ancestral cultures, he made trips and expeditions to countries of the East and West, having the fortune of meeting noble wise men, receiving different formations in Natural Techniques, Integral Development of the human being, Conscious Leadership and Meditation. Suryavan distinguished himself as an artist of fine arts, poet and composer.

In the late 70s, Suryavan created his School. In the beggining of the 90s, together with his daughter, Sol Nyma, he gave form to the method that today is known as Cóndor Blanco, oriented to the integral formation, supporting the awakening of the autonomous human being, with simple and brilliant ancestral techniques, adapted to the modern world, centered in many Aademies and six main Schools: Leadership CB, Coaching Express, Free Mind, Kin Forest, Kai Woman and Meditation (Bodhisattva and Dzogchen).

Towards the end of the 90′s, he established the Cóndor Blanco headquarters at a Forest Reserve in the south of Chile, creating a Formation Center of Leadership and Meditation, with the intention of helping people to grow integrally in an natural environment, from where they can later return to their cities with a renewed level of consciousness, to contribute to the peace in the world and to serve society as a role model.

Suryavan has received recogntion from native tribes, teaching of Tibetan Budism from the Lamas Norbu and Dorje, and great teachings and direct transmissions from the XIV Dala Lama, in Dharamsala, and of the Bon Buddhism, from Rinpoches such as Tenzin Wingal and Lopon Tenzin Namdak.

He lives, nowadays, vive actualmente retirado, meditando y escribiendo en su montaña al sur de Chile, habiendo viajado por el mundo por más de cuatro décadas, expandiendo sus pinturas, poemas, libros, canciones, conferencias y seminarios de su neo-filosoía andina, a través de conferencias y seminarios, a través de los cuales a entrenado a cientos de Aprendices dispuestos a servir al mundo.

He currently resides in his cabin in the Andean Mountain range, retreated, meditating and writing, after having traveled for more than four decades, expading his paintings, poems, books, songs, conferenes and seminars of his Andean new-philosophy, with that having formed and trained hundreds of apprentices willing to serve the world.

His most important disciples and cooperators, directors and leaders of Cóndor Blanco Academies and Sochools are: Sol Nyma, co-founder of Cóndor Blanco; Silexi Solkin, director of the School of Leadership CB; Yalcon Solkin, director of the Coaching Express School; Lamty Solkin and Molbek, directors of the Kin Forest School; Shirayam Solkin, director of the School of Free Mind; Yirkam Solkin, director of the Academy of Instructors; Amaniksha Solkin, director of the Kai Woman School; Yashtay del Sol, coordinator of the School of Bodhisattva(together with Lams Norbu and Lama Dorje)


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