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Conquer the Qualities of the Elements of Nature

Is a method that reunites the best ancestral and modern techniques to contact nature with responsibility and connection through practical tools that allow you to conquer the qualities of the four elements: strength, happiness, mental clarity and inner peace.

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Module 1

Kai Yai

Develop the Structure for Prosperity

Module 2

Kin Forest

Attract Harmony in your Relationships

Module 3

Omkin Totem

Identify the Animals that protect you and learn how to work with them

Module 4

Kin Ram

Transmutation and Elevation of ones Personal and Collective Consciousness

  • Other Services
    • Consultations: Stones and Crystals, Purification and Protection Baths, Powerful Animal Allies, Purification and Protection of Spaces.
    • Formation of Consultants, Event Producers and Instructors.

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