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Be the Leader of your Life and Form Powerful Teams

It is a method of profound impact that has as its main objective for you to Conquer you Self-Leadership through the development of a life structure that encourages your Self-esteem and Personal Power as the fundamental pillars of the autonomy for your decisions and actions.

Leadership Cóndor Blanco focuses firstly in the balance of your Success in your Personal, Professional, Family and Social-Environmental life,to then hand you the tools that facilitate your ability to form and lead powerful teams, undertake successful businesses and train future leaders.

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Module 1

Self-Leadership and Autoliderazgo y Life Project Consulting

Module 2

Leadership of Teams and Teamwork

Module 3

Entrepreneur Leaders y Integral Ventures

Module 4

Leaders that form Future Leaders

  • Other Services
    • Individual Consultations of Life Projects, Business Consultations on the Leadership Culture, Teamwork and Entrepreneurship, Mediation through Group Feedback.
    • We also offer Formation of Consultants, Event Producers and Instruction.

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