Mountain CB Sping 2012


Mountain Event Spring 2012

Cóndor Blanco Reserve, Chile, from September 30th to October 10th, 2012

Cóndor Blanco offers the opportunity to attend to an international event, with workshops designed within nature, to sharpen the strategic vision before initiating the projection of your personal and professional priorities for the following year.
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Leadership 4
Kin Forest 4
Bodhisattva 1
SPA Cóndor Blanco

Coaching 1 and 2
Free Mind 3
Kin Forest 3
Kai Woman 3
Natural Detox Vital 1
Bodhisattva 2
Satori Dance 1 and 2
Kainapi Guide 1

Complementary Seminars

Drums Making
Drums Painting

Formation of CB Instructors
Formation of CB Producers
Formation of CB Consultants
Marketing and Sales for CB Events
Ecology M. 1 – Transition towards Sustainability
Drums Awakening
Oracle of the Sun


* Complementary Workshops – Price: U$390,00 (requirements: be participating in a formation workshop or be a staff member)
** Additional Pre-Requirement for Instructors CB Formation: Be a Producer CB, Instructor Apprentice or Instructor CB.
The advanced modules of the Formation workshops need certification of the previous modules.
Important: Cóndor Blanco reserves the rights of admission and selection of participants before and during the event.



to be defined

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Schedule Staff Transportation

Arrival Mountain

Thursday, September 27th - 15:00 hrs leaving from Pucón – Lounge Brasil (Street Colo Colo 485)

Departure Mountain

Saturday, October 13th - 12:00 hrs leaving from Mountain gate


Schedule Staff Participants: 

Arrival Montaña

Saturday, September 29th - 14:00 hrs leaving from Pucón – Lounge Brasil (Street Colo Colo 485)

Departure Montaña

Sunday, October 07th - 15:00 hrs leaving from Mountain gate

Thursday, October 11th - 12:00 hrs leaving from Mountain gate



If you are interested in participating as a staff, please write to:

  • Weeks of the Wolves

    An opportunity to Grow and Serve in a Conscientious Manner. For those who desire to learn and practice Leadership and Teamwork skills while in contact with Nature.
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