With the vision of boosting ones personal development, we have developed 6 Main Schools with the objective of offering an Integral Formation.

Mega Eventos Cóndor Blanco


The Cóndor Blanco Schools are Training Programs designed under a method of accelerated learning and developed under the vision of boosting ones personal development in an effective way, oriented towards results. For that, we offer 6 Main Schools, with the objective of offering an integral focus:Leadership, Coaching Express, Free Mind, Kin Forest, Kai Woman and Bodhisattva.


Be the Leader of your Life and form Powerful Teams.

The Quickest way to Reach your Dream.

The Power of the Motivated, Positive and Autonomous Mind.

Acumulate and Manage the Energy of the Elements to awaken your Potential.

For the Woman who searches Happiness, Independence and Creativity.

Philosophy and Practice to reach the Perfect State of Meditation and Happiness.

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