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Buddhist Center Cóndor Blanco (CBCB)

Meditation as a means to Awaken to a New Consciousness

Is an Academy that united techniques from the Mahayana and Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism with the teachings of Padmasambava integrating Cóndor Blanco under the vision of inviting you to go profoundly in your self-discovery process reaching your inner-self  using meditation as a principal method for awakening to a new consciousness.

Based on the teachings of Buddha, CBCB drives you to discover your potential and understanding the true meaning of renouncing to the  impermanent and to negative attitudes reflecting on all that in the past has generated negative karma in your life and how to transform it into dharma with positive actions in the present.


Formation Workshops: Bodhisattva

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    Consultations offered by Lama Norbu & Lama Dorje

    Tibetan Buddhist Mandala Workshop



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